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Supposed question of strength
A presidential question
you speak, utter and raise,
about what is strong. To praise
cities previously razed
recent shootouts, melees.
What also is weakness
and whom is it who wilts?
Whose battleships lilt
proud sterns in the silt,
bereft of strong orders?
Would it have been nobler,
more stoic and sober,
to scramble the squadrons,
point them with a stern hand
towards Syrian sun and sand?
To say, now that 'Ghanistan
and Iraq have been gotten,
neatly sewn-up and almost forgotten,
that it's time for the hat-trick
of US Central Asian invasions?
That we would make a stand
against reported chemical weapons
with ours, being conventional.
Metallic chambers greased and
snapped back, ready and willing.
We would fight against torture
and mass graves and shelling.
Against tyrannies untelling,
and our commodities unselling,
going from dwelling to dwelling.
If strength would be following
more Beretta Marines, going
on board Native American-named
aircraft, flying the droning-on jets
and missiles with
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 0
Two of few changes
Glass housings of wine
exposed to the elements
now, incompletely drunk,
are allowed to turn to
vinegar and are wasted.
Glass housings of wine
still sealed and stored,
never begun, upright
are allowed to stay safe
and grow to get dusty.
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 0
Captain America
Many thanks for
your kind offer.
While I accept
someone must
captain America,
I am afraid
it cannot be me.
I would much prefer
to captain
a different vessel,
one which
is not
going down.
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 2 1
Come about
Your salvo
My broadside
Come about
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 2
Innocent, free
The United Kingdom is a free nation. We cannot imprison and extradite to you an innocent, free British citizen so you will release three other innocent, captive British citizens. Those British citizens are innocent and yet they are not free. You should free those innocent, captive men because they are innocent, not because you believe a fourth innocent, free man is guilty in their stead and should be the captive.
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 1 0
The Exciting Life Drinking Game
Take a shot
each time
are unbearable!
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 0
Biting insects
In dusk shadows
and welling-up
from out of
liquid bromeliads
biting insects
vicious little
mosquitoes rise
attaching to
exposed skin
start drinking
don't be too
surprised or
wounded by
their viciousness
don't be
remember always
their size
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 0
Mature content
Invite to every tosser :iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 0
Mature content
How to have sex :iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 1 6
One more apparition
Awaiting the ghost of Christmas Never Arrived.
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 1
Metropolitan Melbourne
Anyone visiting
from north of
will feel
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 0
Constant background grindstone
The refrigerator makes that noise all night.
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 3
Hairy bare feet sprang forth towards adventure.
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 0 3
May it be as you have said
Angel promises were enough for Mary.
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 3 4
Our Orders
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 2 0
Take a chance
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 3 3

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Modern Romans
It's life at a high price, he sighs
From the stage, a spectacle
Behind him a young boy cries
Bound beneath the gallows
They swing death's harmony in tune
As the boy looks into the crowd
Where every seat is filled and soon
To see necks snap, such expression
Such eagerness painted on every face
The boy bites his trembling lips
The gain: amusement to sell, embrace
A new trend for lives of worthlessness
A step up to meet the noose, no friend
A meeting drenched in fear, he exhales
Shaking as the man reaches for his end
Echo the eruption of the entertained
:iconharmz4heaven:Harmz4Heaven 2 4
Bukowski and the Blues
Bukowski and the blues go well together
_with shadows of friendship_
friendship as good as blood
strong as brotherhood
like iron in the fire
burning everything
like castles
like glass
died and reborn and died
brothers of need
of want
simile and similie
comparison wanes
no words for good enough
no words for "save me"
but, sometimes
ropes appear from nowhere
when we need them most
pride bent us to shapes that love will straighten
creations like hot iron
sometimes burning us
burning the world
:iconhell-on-a-stick:hell-on-a-stick 9 59
poetry is shit
past remembrances
squeezed out
looking nowhere near
the way they did
rubbed off on bits
of two-ply notepaper
poetry is shit
and i am now
:icongrotesque46:Grotesque46 5 12
Purple Poety by jamindavey
Mature content
Purple Poety :iconjamindavey:jamindavey 2 9
Hold My Hand by Shadow0789 Hold My Hand :iconshadow0789:Shadow0789 1 19
The Sin of Singularity
Another afternoon of numerical torture
Struggling to comprehend the simple complexity of naught to nine
Asphyxiated by the deceptive drug of knowledge to be choked down
I paint my eyes wide closed
(Nod and smile)
I night-dream of days without this swollen structured system of forced free choice
Choose your chains, comrades!
Perfumed parcels of pleasant propaganda, unveiled weekly, dull the mind and senses
Down with the pin-up pure-bred Big Sister!
Denounce the five-year plan for falsified ascendancy
Shed the apple-rotten-coating we are delicately drenched in
Imagine a world of true Technicolour reality
Vibrations in the air, an acidic wave
Searing away the dream of a dream
I rise with the crowd, and fall to their level
Ideas are forgotten, returning to the ether from whence they came
All that can be done now is regurgitate
We are all guilty of this sin of singularity
:iconcriticdejour:CriticDeJour 1 6
Lost in the middle of nothing by Vanhardisk Lost in the middle of nothing :iconvanhardisk:Vanhardisk 5 7



Lou King
Current Residence: Brisbane
Favourite genre of music: alt.folk, punk rock, folk-punk,, comedy, alternative
Favourite photographer: Speed cameras
Favourite style of art: The successful marriage of words and images
Operating System: XP (Due to laziness and fear of change)
MP3 player of choice: Laptop
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: Faded, slightly yellowed
Skin of choice: Flayed
Favourite cartoon character: Dilbert
Personal Quote: "The glue that binds society has hallucinogenic fumes." - Lou King
  • Listening to: Seamus Heaney reading 'Stepping Stones'
  • Reading: Alice Borchardt 'The Silver Wolf'
In memory of, and tribute to, Irish poet Seamus Heaney.
13 April 1939 ~ 30 August 2013

Fittingly for a great poet and Nobel Prize laureate, his work is going out of stock at online retailers as people clamour to get their copies. I have North (1975) on my shelf and Stepping Stones on Audible on my computer.  Now I have Opened Ground on the way to me from - but many results are 'currently out of stock'.

I can't wait to study Irish literature (and poetry in particular) even more, and to visit the two Irelands. I regret that I can no longer sit in on one of Heaney's lectures.

Some believe it was no co-incidence that William Butler Yeats died in the year Seamus Heaney was born.  Heaney is lauded as the greatest Irish poet since Yeats.  The curious and superstitious part of me wonders which great Irish poet born in 2013 will receive the baton?

Hey, it worked for the Dali Lama of Tibet.  Well, at least until Chinese occupation and their outlawing of reincarnation. *eyeroll*  To my knowledge, the Irish literary world has no such law...  Watch this space!


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I do believe you. If it were me however I would go to greater lengths to appear not to glorify that particular villain or to show insensitivity. While I understand that there have been other atrocities not given nearly the same infamy, I also must accept that the Nazis are the singularly most hated group in modern history in my culture. If I appear to hero-worship one of the most hated of that group, even if deep down that's not who I am, I'd have to accept that I was going to take more flak than almost any other interest on earth. Of course, some people love flak...
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